Circle Equation: Center (h,k)

[color=#000000]This applet accompanies the [/color][i][color=#0000ff]Standard Form of the Equation of a Circle (Part 3)[/color][/i] [color=#000000]packet you received at the beginning of class today. [/color][br][br][color=#000000]Complete this activity and then answer the questions that appear below the applet.[/color]
[color=#000000]Suppose [i]P(x,y)[/i] = any point that lies on a circle with center (h,k) and radius [i]r[/i], where [i]r[/i] > 0. [i] [br][/i]Use what you've observed to write an equation that expresses the relationship among [i]x[/i], [i]y[/i], and [i]r[/i]. [br](No need to square any binomial expressions!) [br][/color]

Information: Circle Equation: Center (h,k)